Blushing Rose Thorn

Rarely Seen Lunar Half-Caste Secretary


(Never actually played in game. ☹ )


Name: Blushing Rose Thorn

Splat: Lunar Half-Caste/Beastwoman. I’m told my father was a red panda totem Lunar.

Position: I’m the secretary. In charge of all the master’s legal and financial affairs.

Gender/Sex: What a weird question. Isn’t it obvious… or are you hitting on me or something?! *blush*

Blood Type: Red. It’s my favorite color!

Hometown: Lookshy.

Motivation: To gain a position of respect and authority in an Exalted’s household.

Height: 5’ 9” or 5’ 7”, it depends… I mean… I can’t really remember.

Weight: That’s a rather personal question…

Measurements: *flustered* I don’t think I have to answer that.

Hobbies: I like reading romance novels, organizing books, and playing the markets. Usually stuff I could do while also working.

Specialties: I think my best quality is my ability to keep things tidy and in order. I mean, not cleaning, but books and finances. But not cleaning, I hate dust.

Weaknesses: Some people may think I am a bit… greedy. It’s really just me being motivated. I can also be a bit shy.

Favorite Food: Chamomile tea with a bit of honey. It’s soothing.

Least Favorite Food: Pepper and anything peppered.

Favorite Words: The check is in the mail.

What do you think of maids?: It’s an okay job but it isn’t what I see as a real career for myself. More of a stepping stone for something even more amazing.

What does a maid need?: Focus. Out master would be lost without us.

A word on Kurofa Kachina: He seems a bit scary at first but he’s really a softy once you get past the murder and mayhem.

A word for the readers: I know this game may seem odd at first but it’s just a way to have fun. It isn’t too squicky unless you play it that way. And if you’re playing it that way, *blushes* stop it!

Blushing Rose Thorn

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