Hurricane Jeanne

Battle Nun of the Unconquered Sun


Name: Hurricane Jean… I mean Jeanne.

Splat: I’m a Solar Half-Caste, the progeny of one of the Sun’s God-Kings. My father was probably someone powerful like the Bull of the North.

Position: Battle Nun of the Unconquered Sun… and JUSTICE!

Gender/Sex: Guy, dammit! It’s just the artifact armor and hearthstone that are feminine. But don’t tell anyone. I might loose my job.

Blood Type: I don’t go to doctors, I heal fast enough on my own.

Hometown: Wherever I happen to be at the moment.

Motivation: JUSTICE! And whatever that requires at the time.

Height: 5’ something… tall enough.

Weight: Depends on what I’m carrying at the moment.

Measurements: I wear a size 10 shoe.

Hobbies: Justice! And writing soliloquies espousing the merits of said Justice.

Specialties: Stabbing, cutting, cooking. Usually in that order.

Weakness: Slightly naive and quick to anger upon being tricked. Tunnel-vision when I see a goal, or meal, in front of me.

Favorite Food: Spicy, spicy curry. The spicier the better!

Least Favorite Food: Curry that isn’t spicy enough!

Favorite Words: JUSTICE!

What do you think of maids?: I can’t Justify the expense of hiring an entire team of scantily-clad curry-makers due to how often I travel, but I imagine it’s nice if you can afford it.

What does a maid need?: Same as every other profession, JUSTICE! Though a Just servant obviously has to know how to stew a good curry.

A word on Kurofa Kachina: That one has a distinct disregard for Justice but necessitates further observation as he seems to lack the telltale signs of true evil as well.

A word for the readers: Have a box of tissues ready for when my backstory is revealed. I seek a very specific Justice for a very specific reason! Also, stop treating me like a girl!


Jeanne back when she was a Battle Maid.

Jeanne using the gargoyle suit.

Jeanne at her wedding to Damian Ba’al.

Hurricane Jeanne

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